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Artist Statement

I push boundaries and find creativity endless. I love the variety, color, and pulse of creating, and it has become the stuff of A-Team—"I love it when a plan comes together.”


I am a professional and creative writer who explores predominantly black and white photography and a unique genre of work that twists photographic and digital mediums into colorful and often whimsical abstracts. I publish stories on mushrooms and write about personal traumas. I photograph for black and whites to impact you like a sonic boom. I create abstracts that are worlds you and I make of them.


These days I ask questions like how much do I play with a photograph before it becomes digital art and how much manipulation does it take for digital art to become abstract? My abstracts are layers upon layers of photos, digital manipulation, software, and hardware. Sometimes I see one of my photographs and know exactly where to take it. Sometimes, I twist and turn to an unexpected destination, such as the ever-changing Kaleidoscopes that are a childhood love.


I push boundaries to inspire others to fearlessly tell their own story or find their own creative outlet. I create, keeping and sharing, hoping you see my life and art as an opportunity for you to reach for things thought beyond your grasp, whether limited by discouraging words, poor health, marginal finances, or life-shattering pandemic. Take a breath. Stay a moment. Tell me your story. Find refuge in my art, and feel the kaleidoscope of impact, inspiration, rest, energy, play, delight, comfort every time you find your place in it in the frame of your daily life.

Artist Craft

Y. Hope Osborn’s creativity in writing, photography, and digital art began as a child with a 110mm camera, a variety of crafts, intuitive drawing, lots of reading, and elementary school writing assignments that amazed her teachers. . She built on a lifelong writing talent, earning an MA in Professional and Technical Writing with Creative Nonfiction emphasis in 2020. Her education included valuable lessons in document and website design, use of software applications, and photography additions to many assignments.


She is a freelance writer and emerging artist, residing in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA—a city becoming a mecca for artists. Her creativity is rewarded with two solo spotlight exhibits and multiple group exhibits in two years, awards in international online competitions, and publications of creative writing and art, sometimes in concert. Black and white photography and abstract art are her sweet spots. She brings imagination to reality through a unique digital abstraction of photography.


Despite disabling health, she is tenacious about living fully and productively, growing a year-around, flowering patio garden; loving on rowdy cat Isobel; enjoying the comfort, camaraderie, spirit of her church family; and trying to hold fast to a God who continually holds fast to her. Among these she blooms in seeking elusive great Captures, expressing reality and imagination that captivates, inspires, or informs while enriching lives.


Instagram: yhopeosborn

The Rep Artworks

5 x 5 Fundraiser

Arkansas Arts Council

Arkansas Artist Registry

Downtown Little Rock

Alley Art Project

Prism - 1090

Over and Away - 1091

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Artist Portfolio

Tres Aspect Artwork link opening
Artist Spotlight Solo Art Exhibition certificate
Y-Hope-Osborn-artist spotlight solo art Exhibition-Postcard
Y. Hope Osborn Solo Artist PR - StarOne.jpg.png
Y. Hope Osborn Solo Art Series Award Certificate.jpg.png
Y. Hope Osborn Solo Art Series Event Postcard

Newport Delta Arts Festival

12th Annual Newport Delta Arts Festival Main Flyer_Page_1.png
Newport Delta Visual Arts Show Flyer
Newport Delta Visual Arts Show Flyer of Visual Artists

Rogers Art Walk

Art Walk Social Media Post
The-Rep-2020-Ann-Program with exhibit
International Art Competition Gallery Exhibits
Best in Show Certificate for Image Color Choreography
Best in Show Certificate for Fusion Arts 6th Annual Colorful Abstractions photo Cosmos
Best in Show Certficate from Contemporary Art Gallery Online for Abstracts 2021

601 total entries

Fusion Lines Shapes and Objects exhibition postcard
Fusion 2nd Lines Shapes and Objects 5th place certificate for image Color Choreography

444 total entries

Light Space Time 2nd Annual Primary Colors exhibit postcard
Light Space Time 2nd Primary Colors 8th place certificate for Trapezoid Tower

744 total entries

Light Space Time Open Art Exhibition 2019 Honorable Mention Top 20 Verge.j

782 total entries

Light Space Time Open Art Exhibition 2019 Honorable Mention Spiraling.
10th Open 2020 - Art Exhibition Event Po
LST_Special Merit_30 of 1004_Forging Ahe

1,004 total entries

4th Artist's Choice Postcard.jpg
p&d HM - Y. Hope Osborn 4th Annual artis
Light Space Time 10th All Women 2021 -   Art Exhibition postcard
Light Space Time 10th All Women Special Merit certificate for image Flower Child

1093 total entries

Light Space Time 2020 Cityscapes Exhibition post card
Light Space Time 10th Cityscapes Honorable Mention Certificate for Verge image

522 total entries


1,002 total entries

Fusion 4th Annual Colors Exhibit postcard
Fusion 4th Annual Colors Honorable Mention certficate for image By Gones Here By

497 total entries

Contemporary Art Gallery Online 7th Annual Botanical Social Conscious Certficate for image Flower Child
Contemporary Art Gallery Online Open/no theme gallery choice certficate for image Cloud Complexity
Contemporary Art Gallery Online 2020 Cityscapes 3rd Place certficiate for image Verge
Fusion 2nd Season Quarterly Exhibit postcard
Fusion 2nd Seasons Quarterly 3rd place certificate for image Christmas Glow
Art Room Gallery Seasons 2020 Special Merit Autumn at the Capitol and Reminiscence

462 total entries

Monovisions_Perspective Series 2019 Honorable Mention Architectural Series Perspectival
Monovisions_Perspective Series 2019 Honorable Mention Architectural Series Perspectival

1189 total entries

Created in Isolation 2020 -   Art Exhibi
SM - Y. Hope Osborn - Created in Isolati
Special Merit LST Pent-House Pansies.jpg

559 total entries

5th Leaves & Petals Postcard.jpg
5th Annual Leaves & Petals Hon. Mention

200  total entries

Contemporary Art Gallery Online 7th Annual open/no theme competition winner certificate for image Arboretum

210 total entries

J Mane Gallery Honorable Mention Certficiate for H20

485  total entries


597  total entries

Monovisions Honorable Mention Nature and Landscape Series Certificate
Monovisions_Honorable Mention Architecture SeriesCertificate Architecture.png
Abstracts 2021--Special Merit Certficate Light Space Time
Abstracts 2021--9th Place Certficate Light Space Time.jpg
Special Merit Certificate for Ruffled
5th Patterns  2021  - Art Exhibition Event Postcard
Special Merit Certificate for Geopull

531  total entries

Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon
Exhibit Competitions*


All won online gallery exhibit and gallery book inclusion. Top 3 also exhibited in physical gallery.

Black Box Black and White 2019--online.j

550 total entries

Shades of Gray: 2021 Black Box Gallery winner in online annex

Shades of Gray: 2021

Pages from Black Box Taking Pictures 202
Pages from Black Box Black and White 202
Pages from Black Box Visual Spectrum--ga

550 total entries

Red Rustic.jpg

Color Photography: 2020 700 entries

La LaFayette 2 in Online Annex of Black Box Gallery Black and White 2021

Black and White: 2021

Black Box Landscape and Architecture 2--

500 total entries

Black Box_Photo Shoot--2020 Image Cover.